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Massage and Spa Services

We have a massage table in a semi-private area, some of the rooms have space for a private massage, or many have their own studio. Please contact them directly for an appointment, Licensed Massage Therapists listed alphabetically;

Chris Burns-Jones, LMT 727-656-1563

DeeAnne Butler, LMT 614-531-9038

John Fullgraf, LMT 727-735-3895

Massage by Daryl, LMT 813-892-1489

Kevin Gordon, LMT 678-491-6384

Jordan Monroe Green, LMT 727-317-7138

Kelley Henry, LMT 727-279-5205

Frank McHugh,  LMT 718-702-7847

Jeffrey Janardhana Navarre, LMT 727-412-4881

MJU Massage, LMT 727-280-6294







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