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Casa del Merman at GayStPete House

1. The house was built in 1928 on the then outskirts of Saint Petersburg as a single family residence by F.W. Webster, a railroad executive and a member of the St Petersburg City Council.  The 3 car garage was built first at a cost of $400. The 9 room two-story house was started a month later at a cost of $6,000.  (The Pass-A-Grille room was originally the laundry room, and the poolside half of the Honeymoon Island room was the sunporch. The Fort Desoto room and the massage/pool bath were the 3 car garage. Total heated square footage is approximately 4000.

2. In 1959 Owner Henry McPhee apparently started creating rental units (perhaps without permits) and added a steel fire escape to the exterior adjacent to the parking lot.

3. In 1975, Owner Philip Green added the swimming pool and deck at a cost of $4750 , a cypress fence at a cost of $400, and some bathrooms.

4. In 1982, Owner Loretta Swift had a severe fire on the SW corner of the main house. Permitted repairs were listed at $20,000. It is believed more bathrooms were added at this time. The house was approved for 5 apartments, but apparently there were more.

5. In 2000, the current owner Brian Longstreth bought the property with the intention of returning it to it’s legal 5 units (there were nine) and living on the ground floor of the main house. Brian had the pool refinished, added fencing, a hot tub, and turned the carport in to a poolside bar area

6. In 2008 Brian turned his office and one bedroom in to guestrooms and started GayStPete House. In the next few years the remaining apartments were turned in to guestrooms and began fully operating as a Bed & Breakfast. Required improvements were an exterior staircase replacing the fire escape and a fire suppression sprinkler system. In 2021 a logo and name change took effect becoming Casa del Merman at GayStPete House.  Improvements to “The Big Gay House”  continue to this day, and we hope you enjoy your stay.  “Relax and Enjoy”

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